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cheat harvest moon

Cheat Harvest Moon Friends of mineral Town VBA

Cheat merubah alat
Cara menggunakan nya harus hati hati. Bila tidak hati hati bisa merubah semua alat.
Cara memakainya di codebreaker. Pertamatama msukkan cheat slot lalu rubah huruf yy pada cheat itu
Cheat slot:
32004238 00yy: Slot 1
3200423A 00yy: Slot 2
3200423C 00yy: Slot 3
3200423E 00yy: Slot 4
32004240 00yy: Slot 5
32004242 00yy: Slot 6
32004244 00yy: Slot 7
32004246 00yy: Slot 8
00: Sickle
01: Copper Sickle
02: Silver Sickle
03: Gold Sickle
04: Mystrile Sickle
05: Cursed Sickle
06: Blessed Sickle
07: Mythic Sickle
08: Hoe
09: Copper Hoe
0A: Silver Hoe
0B: Gold Hoe
0C: Mystrile Hoe
0D: Cursed Hoe
0E: Blessed Hoe
0F: Mythic Hoe
10 : Axe
11: Copper Axe
12: Silver Axe
13: Gold Axe
14: Mystrile Axe
15: Cursed Axe
16: Blessed Axe
17: Mythic Axe
18: Hammer
19: Copper Hammer
1A: Silver Hammer
1B: Gold Hammer
1C: Mystrile Hammer
1D: Cursed Hammer
1E: Blessed Hammer
1F: Mythic Hammer
20: Watering Can
21: Copper Watering Can
22: Silver Watering Can
23: Gold Watering Can
24: Mystrile Watering Can
25: Cursed Watering Can
26: Blessed Watering Can
27: Mythic Watering Can
28: Fishing Rod
29: Copper Fishing Rod
2A: Silver Fishing Rod
2B: Gold Fishing Rod
2C: Mystrile Fishing Rod
2D: Cursed Fishing Rod
2E: Blessed Fishing Rod
2F: Mythic Fishing Rod
30: Cow Miracle Potion
31: Sheep Miracle Potion
32: Turnip Seeds
33: Potato Seeds
34: Cucumber Seeds
35: Strawberry Seeds
36: Cabbage Seeds
37: Tomato Seeds
38: Corn Seeds
39: Onion Seeds
3A: Pumpkin Seeds
3B: Pineapple Seeds
3C: Eggplant Seeds
3D: Carrot Seeds
3E: Sweet Potato Seeds
3F: Spinach Seeds
40: Green Pepper Seeds
41: Grass Seeds
42: Moon Drop Seeds
43: Pink Cat Seeds
44: Magic Seeds
45: Toy Flower Seeds
46: Brush
47: Milker
48: Shears
49: Bell
4A: Animal Medicine
4B: Blue Feather
4C: Pedometer
4D: Teleport Stone
4E: Gem of the Goddess
4F: Gem of the Kappa
50: Gem of the Truth
ingat bila setelah menggunakan cheat harus langsung di disabled(di tidak aktifkan)
{Cheat ini dijamin bisa}

Cheat merubah barang
Cara menggunakan nya sama dengan cheat alat
Cheat slot:
32004214 yyyy: Slot 1
32004218 yyyy: Slot 2
3200421C yyyy: Slot 3
32004220 yyyy: Slot 4
32004224 yyyy: Slot 5
32004228 yyyy: Slot 6
3200422C yyyy: Slot 7
32004230 yyyy: Slot 8
0000: Turnip
0100: Potato
0200: Cucumber
0300: Strawberry
0400: Cabbage
0500: Tomato
0600: Corn
0700: Onion
0800: Pumpkin
0900: Pineapple
0A00: Eggplant
0B00: Carrot
0C00: Sweet Potato
0D00: Spinach
0E00: Green Pepper
0F00: Regular Quality Egg
1000: Good Quality Egg
1100: High Quality Egg
1200: Golden Egg
1300: P Egg
1400: X Egg
1500: Spa-Boiled Egg
1600: Mayonnaise (S)
1700: Mayonnaise (M)
1800: Mayonnaise (L)
1900: Mayonnaise (G)
1A00: Mayonnaise (P)
1B00: Mayonnaise (X)
1C00: Milk (S)
1D00: Milk (M)
1E00: Milk (L)
1F00: Milk (G)
2000: Milk (P)
2100: Milk (X)
2200: Cheese (S)
2300: Cheese (M)
2400: Cheese (L)
2500: Cheese (G)
2600: Cheese (P)
2700: Cheese (X)
2800: Apple
2900: Honey
2A00: Bamboo Shoot
2B00: Wild Grapes
2C00: Mushroom
2D00: Poisonous Mushroom
2E00: Truffle
2F00: Blue Grass
3000: Green Grass
3100: Red Grass
3200: Yellow Grass
3300: Orange Grass
3400: Purple Grass
3500: Indigo Grass
3600 :Black Grass
3700: White Grass
3800: Queen of the Night
3900: Bodigizer
3A00: Bodigizer XL
3B00: Turbojolt
3C00: Turbojolt XL
3D00: Wine
3E00: Grape Juice
3F00: Rice Ball
4000: Bread
4100: Oil
4200: Flower
4300: Curry Powder
4400: Muffin Mix
4500: Chocolate
4600: Relaxation Tea Leaves
4700: SUGDW Apple
4800: HMSGB Apple
4900: AEPFE Apple
4A00: Buckwheat Flour
4B00: Wild Grape Wine
4C00: Salad
4D00: Curry Rice
4E00: Stew
4F00: Miso Soup
5000: Stir Fry
5100: Fried Rice
5200: Savory Pancake
5300: Sandwich
5400: Fruit Juice
5500: Vegetable
5600: Mixed Juice
5700: Fruit Latte
5800: Vegetable Latte
5900: Mixed Latte
5A00: Strawberry Smoothie
5B00: Strawberry Jam
5C00: Tomato Juice
5D00: Pickled Turnip
5E00: French Fries
5F00: Pickles
6000: Ketchup
6100: Popcorn
6200: Corn Flakes
6300: Baked Corn
6400: Pineapple Juice
6500: Pumpkin Pudding
6600: Pumpkin Stew
6700: Happy Eggplant
6800: Sweet Potatoes
6900: Baked Sweet Potato
6A00: Greens
6B00: Scrambled Eggs
6C00: Omelet
6D00: Omelet Rice
6E00: Boiled Egg
6F00: Hot Milk
7000: Butter
7100: Cheese Cake
7200: Cheese Fondue
7300: Apple Pie
7400: Apple Jam
7500: Apple Souffle
7600: Mushroom Rice
7700: Bamboo Rice
7800: Truffle Rice
7900: Sushi
7A00: Jam Bun
7B00: Dinner Roll
7C00: Raisin Bread
7D00: Grape Jam
7E00: Curry Bread
7F00: Sashimi
8000: Grilled Fish
8100: Sahimi Mix
8200: Pizza
8300: Noodles
8400: Curry Noodles
8500: Tempura Noodles
8600: Fried Noodles
8700: Buckwheat Noodles
8800: Tempura Buckwheat Noodles
8900: Fried Noodles
8A00: Buckwheat Chips
8B00: Cookies
8C00: Chocolate Cookies
8D00: Tempura
8E00: Ice Cream
8F00: Cake
9000: Chocolate Cake
9100: Relaxation Tea
9200: Toast
9300: French Toast
9400: Pudding
9500: Mountain Stew
9600: Moon Dumplings
9700: Rice Cake
9800: Roasted Rice Cake
9900 : Elli Leaves
A000: Small Fish
A100: Medium Fish
A200: Large Fish
A300: Toasted Rice Ball
A400: Tempura Rice
A500: Egg Over Rice
A600: Rice Gruel
A700: Pancakes
A800: Fish Sticks
A900: Candied Potato
AA00: Potato Pancakes
0001: Moon Drop Grass
0101: Pink Cat Grass
0201: Blue Magic Grass
0301: Red Magic Grass
0401: Toy Flower
0501: Wool (S)
0601: Wool (M)
0701: Wool (L)
0801: Wool (G)
0901: Wool (P)
0A01: Wool (X)
0B01: Yarn (S)
0C01: Yarn (M)
0D01: Yarn (L)
0E01: Yarn (G)
0F01: Yarn (P)
1001: Yarn (X)
1101: Junk Ore
1201: Copper Ore
1301: Silver Ore
1401: Gold Ore
1501: Mithril Ore
1601: Orichalc Ore
1701: Adamantite Ore
1801: Moon Stone
1901: Sand Rose
1A01: Pink Diamond
1B01: Alexandrite
1C01: Mythic Stone
1D01: Diamond
1E01: Emerald
1F01: Ruby
2001: Topaz
2101: Peridot
2201: Fluorite
2301: Agate
2401: Amethyst
2501: Harvest Goddess Jewel
2601: Kappa Jewel
2701: Jewel of Truth
2C01: Bracelet
2D01: Necklace
2E01: Earrings
2F01 : Broach
3001: Weeds
3101: Stones
3201: Branches
3301: Recipe for French Fries
3401: Recipe for Ketchup
3501: Ball
3601: Pirate Treasure
3701: Fossil of Ancient Fish
3801: Empty Can
3901: Boots
3A01: Fish Bones
3B01: Karen's Wine
3C01: Popuri's Mud Ball
3D01: Ann's Music Box
3E01: Mary's Great Book
3F01: Elli's Pressed Flower
4001: Album 1
4101: Album 2
4201: Album 3
4301: Album 4
4401: Album 5
4501: Album 6
4601: Album 7
4701: Album 8
4801: Album 9
4901: Album 10
4F01: Band-Aid
5001: Book from Harvest Goddess
5101: Perfume
5201: Photo
5301: Plant Encyclopedia
5401: Invitation
5501: Dress
5601: Facial Pack
5701: Skin Lotion
5801: Sunblock
5901: Lumber
5A01: Golden Lumber
5B01: Animal Fodder
5C01: Chicken Feed
5D01: Certificate
5E01: Frisbee
Benda bisa berubah sesuai benda yang diingkan asalkan yang dimasukkan adalah benda yang bisa berubah sesuai yang diharapkan ( contoh: barangtambang di spring mine bisa berubah jadi telur yang minimal spa boiled egg)

Cheat Bangunan:
820025D8 000F: Have The Villa, The Beach House & The Mountain Cabbin
82002BC8 FF01: Have Improved Barn
820027CC 009A: Have Frig, Bathroom, Shelves and ALL Upgrades on house
820027CD FF9A
820027CF FF00
820027D0 FFFF
820027D1 FFFF
820029E8 FFFF: Have Upgraded Chicken House

Cheat untuk menikah instan
320044A6 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Karen!
320044D2 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Elle!
32004526 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Ann!
32004416 FFFF: Instant Marrage To Mary!
3200435A FFFF: Instant Marrage To Popuri!
820045a6 FFFF: Instant Marrage To The Harvest Goddess!

Cheat hati penuh 
820045F0 FFFF: Max Affection From The Red Harvest Sprite
82004614 FFFF: Max Affection From The Orange Harvest Sprite
82004638 FFFF: Max Affection From The Yellow Harvest Sprite
8200465C FFFF: Max Affection From The Green Harvest Sprite
82004680 FFFF: Max Affection From The Blue Harvest Sprite
820046A4 FFFF: Max Affection From The Purple Harvest Sprite
820046C8 FFFF: Max Affection From The Aquamarine Harvest Sprite

320044A5 00FF: Red Heart For Karen
320044D1 00FF: Red Heart For Elle
32004525 00FF: Red Heart For Ann
32004415 00FF: Red Heart For Mary
32004359 00FF: Red Heart For Popuri
820045A4 FFFF: Red Heart For Harvest Goddess

(semua Cheat disini pasti bisa kalau tidak bisa mohon maaf)

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tips harvest moon bahasa inggris

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

Tags: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheat Codes, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hints, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Secrets

Platform: Game Boy Advance
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town TV Fun
If you turn on your TV at exactly 4:44 in the game's time (use the clock you can purchase to tell exact times), the game will open the dialog box repeatedly forever until you reset the game. Also, if you watch the TV news on a Friday the 13th, there won't be any.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Jewel Of Truth Locations
Once you purchase the Shelves from the TV Shopping show, you can start searching for the Jewels of Truth. Here's a list of where to find some of them.
  1. On your dog house's roof
  2. The water trough in your horse's barn
  3. Purchase from Won ($50,000)
  4. Trade 1000 medals at the Horse Race
  5. Inspect the lampposts between the Church and Rose Plaza
  6. On the second floor of the library, inspect the center right-most shelf
  7. Play the New Year's game show on the TV inside the town cottage
  8. Inspect the calendar in the mountain cottage (it falls out)
  9. Take all eight of the above gems to Thomas' house; inspect his refrigerator
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Unlock Harvest Goddess Mini Game
When using the TV, press RIGHT, RIGHT, UP (or DOWN), LEFT. You play a numbers guessing game. You can only play this game the first five games on spring. The more wins you get, the better the prize:

1 win = Nothing
2 wins = Grass/Herb
3 - 9 wins = Grass/Herb
10 - 14 wins = Tea Leaves
15 - 19 wins = Lotion
20 - 24 wins = Water
25 - 29 wins = Tissue
30 - 39 wins = Perfume
40 - 49 wins = Dress
50 - 59 wins = Golden Log
60 - 69 wins = Fish Fossil ($5000)
70 - 79 wins = Treasure Box ($10,000)
80 - 89 wins = Ketchup Recipe
90 - 99 wins = Fried Potato Recipe
100 wins = Book
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Recipes
Here's a list of recipes (and the ingredients):

Apple Jam - Uses apple pot and sugar
Grape Jam - Uses apple pot and grape
Salad - Carrot, turnip, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and vinegar
Moon Dumplings - Dumpling powder and milk
Mayo - Egg whisk and vinegar
Fries - Oil, potato knife, and frying pan
Boiled Egg - Egg and pot
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Befriend The Sprites
Trying to make friends with the Harvest Sprites? An easy way to make them like you is to give them the herbs on the beach from spring to fall. They are located very close to their house (behind the church) and they love them. You'll be playing with the gnomes and having them do your work in no time.When giving grass to harvest sprites, make sure to try and color coordinate (e.g. give the blue sprite blue grass, purple sprite purple grass, etc.) This will have a much bigger effect in building friendships.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Easy Power Berry
To get your first Power Berry, till all the squares in your farm's field. It will appear somewhere in the field.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Unbreakable Fence
When you are clearing your field at the beginning of the game or after a storm, instead of smashing the small stones, place them where you want your fence. They do the same thing as a wooden fence except that they require no maintenance and will never break. Also, you can chop all of the sticks and put them towards an extension.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Reach Level 255 in Both Mines
Step One: When you first enter the mine or advance to a new level, save your game in the 1st slot.

Step Two: Dig until you find the stairs. Remember where it is.

Step Three: Load game save from earlier. Go to the where you found the stairs before saving immediatly and dig there. This way only a 1 enegy is used.

Step Four: Before going down the stairs save the game in slot 2, in case you run into a dead end. I've gone down 40 floors and found no dead end floors. But if you dont want to waste more energy just restart and go back down again.

Step Five: On the next floor repeat steps 1 to 4 again. Repeat as necessary until you reach level 255.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Easy Legal Money
When it comes to Horse Racing, enter your horse. On the day of the competition, bring your basket and save the game before entering the Rose Square.

You may bet in the first two races if you want, but you don't have to. In the third race, bet 99 times on your horse and when you win, buy 39 truffles and sell them the next day by leaving your basket in the square (it won't disappear). Remember that truffles are much more worthy than diamonds.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Giant Recipe List
  • Apple Pie - Knife, Pot, Rolling Pin, Oven, Sugar, Butter, Flour, Apple, Egg
  • Apple Souffle - Pan, Apple
  • Baked Corn - Oven, Salt, Corn
  • Bamboo Rice - Bamboo, Rice Ball
  • Butter - Mixer, Salt, Milk
  • Cake - Knife, Whisk, Oven, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Flour, Apple, Honey
  • Cheese Cake - Pot, Whisk, Oven, Sugar, Egg, Milk, Cheese
  • Cheese Fondue - Knife, Pot, Salt, Cheese, Wine, Bread
  • Chocolate Cake - Knife, Whisk, Oven, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Flour, Apple, Honey, Chocolate
  • Chocolate Cookies - Rolling Pin, Oven, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Flour, Chocolate
  • Cookies - Rolling Pin, Oven, Sugar, Butter, Egg, Flour
  • Corn Flakes - Rolling Pin, Oven, Corn
  • Curry Bread - Pan, Bread, Oil, Curry Powder
  • Curry Noodles - Pot, Noodles, Curry Powder
  • Curry Rice - Knife, Pot, Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce, Curry Powder, Rice Ball
  • Dinner Role - Butter, Bread, Honey
  • Fish Sticks - Mixer, Salt, Medium Fish
  • French Toast - Pan, Sugar, Egg, Bread, Oil
  • Fried Rice - Pan, Rice Ball, oil, egg
  • Fruit Juice - Mixer, apple
  • Fruit Latte - Mixer, fruit juice, milk
  • Grape Juice - Mixer, Grape
  • Greens - Pot, Soy Sauce, Spinach
  • Grilled Fish - Pan, Salt, Soy Sauce, Oil, Medium Fish
  • Happy Eggplant - Pan, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Miso, Eggplant
  • Hot Milk - Pot, Sugar, Milk
  • Ice Cream - Knife, Pot, Whisk, Sugar, Egg, Apple, Honey, Pineapple, Grape, Milk
  • Jam Bun - Bread, Jam (Apple or Strawberry jam)
  • Ketchup - Mixer, sugar, salt, vinegar, onion, tomato
  • Miso Soup - Knife, pot, sugar, salt, soy sauce, miso, and some other veggie (onion)
  • Mixed Juice - Mixer, Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice
  • Mixed Latte - Mixer, Mixed Juice, milk
  • Noodles - Knife, Rolling Pin, Pot, Flour
  • Omelet - Pan, Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce, Oil, Egg, Milk
  • Omelet Rice - Pan, Oil, Egg, Milk, Rice Ball
  • Pickled Turnip - Knife, Vinegar, Turnip
  • Pickles - Salt, Cucumber
  • Pineapple Juice - Mixer, Pineapple
  • Pizza - Knife, Rolling Pin, Oven, Cheese, Tomato, Flour, Onion, Ketchup, Mushroom
  • Popcorn - Pan, salt, corn
  • Pudding - Pot, Oven, Sugar, Chocolate, Milk, Egg
  • Pumpkin Pudding - Pot, Oven, Sugar, Pumpkin, milk, egg
  • Pumpkin Stew - Pot, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Pumpkin
  • Raisin Bread - Wild Grapes, Bread
  • Relax Tea Leaves - Knife, Pan, Weeds, Indigo Grass, Green Grass, Blue Grass, Orange Grass, Red Grass, Purple Grass, Yellow Grass
  • Relaxation Tea - Pot, Sugar, Relax Tea Leaves
  • Sandwich - knife, bread, tomato
  • Sashimi - Knife, Medium Fish
  • Scrambled Eggs - Pan, Salt, Oil, Egg
  • Strawberry Jam - Pot, sugar, strawberry
  • Strawberry Milk - Mixer, sugar, strawberry, milk
  • Sushi - Vinegar, Rice Ball, Sashimi
  • Tempura - Pan, Egg, Flour, Oil
  • Tempura Noodles - Pot, Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce, Noodles, Tempura
  • Toast - Oven, Bread
  • Tomato Juice - Mixer, Tomato
  • Truffle Rice - Truffle, Rice Ball
  • Vegetable Juice - Mixer, some kind of veggie (cucumber)
  • Vegetable Latte - Mixer, Vegetable Juice, milk
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Power Berries
Give the Harvest Goddess a flower for ten consecutive days. If you do, she will give you a Power Berry.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Recipe List
  • Bodigizer - Pot, Honey, Orange, Grass, Black Grass, Red Magic, Red Flower
  • Buckwheat Chips - Rolling Pin, Pot, Buckwheat Flour
  • Candied Potato - Pot, Sweet Potato, Honey, Sugar
  • Cheesecake - Sugar, Pot, Whisk, Oven, Milk, Egg, Cheese
  • Chirashi Sushi - Vinegar, Knife, Sashimi, Scrambled Eggs, Rice Balls, Soy Sauce
  • Egg Over Rice - Pot, Rice Balls, Egg, Salt, Soy Sauce
  • Elli Leaves - Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Soy Sauce, Miso, Knife, Frying Pan, Oven, Pot, 6 Types of Different Burnt Food, Bodigizer XL, Turbojolt XL
  • Fried Noodles - Frying Pan, Noodles, Egg, Oil, Fish, Cabbage, Carrot, Turnip, Green Pepper, Mushroom, Rice Cake, Truffle, Eggplant, Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce
  • Mountain Stew - Sugar, Soy Sauce, Knife, Pot, Carrot, Mushroom, Bamboo Shoot
  • Pancakes - Frying Pan, Butter, Honey, Egg, Flour, Oil, Milk, Whisk, Sugar
  • Potato Pancakes - Salt, Knife, Frying Pan, Potato, Onion, Egg, Oil, Flour
  • Rice Gruel - Pot, Salt, Rice Balls
  • Salad - Knife, Cucumber, Carrot, Cabbage and/or Tomato
  • Sandwich - Knife, Tomato, Bread, Boiled Egg, Carrot, Honey, Apple, Mushroom, Butter, Mayo
  • Savory Pancake - Frying Pan, Knife, Cabbage, Egg, Oil, Flour
  • Spring Sun - Red Magic, Red Flower, Blue Magic, Red Flower, Moondrop Flower, Pinkcat Flower, Toy Flower
  • Stir Fry - Knife, Frying Pan, Soy Sauce, Cabbage Oil
  • Sweet Potatoes - Pot, Oven, Sugar, Sweet Potato, Egg, Butter
  • Turbojolt - Pot, Honey, Orange Grass, White Grass, Red Magic, Red Flower
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Horse Race
To attempt this cheat, you need a basket. On the 18th day of both the Spring and Fall seasons, there will be a horse race. Before entering the square where the race is, be sure to save. Then, watch the races, but don't bet any of your money. Remember (or write down) the winners, and then exit and reload the game. Bring your basket to the race and bet on the winning horse from your "test" race. Follow that by trading your medals in for bracelets. Then you can sell them - when Zack comes, he'll give you lots of money for them.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Hint: Gifts
The following girls enjoy the gifts listed below.
  • Ann - Truffle Rice, Moon Dumplings, Queen of the Night
  • Elli - Elli's Leaves, Perfume, Queen of the Night
  • Karen - Wine, French Fries, Pizza
  • Mary - Herbs, Medicines, Queen of the Night

tips harvest moon bahasa indonesia

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

Tags: Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Cheat Codes, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Rahasia

Platform: Game Boy Advance
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Fun TV
Jika Anda mengaktifkan TV Anda tepat pada waktu 4:44 di permainan (gunakan clock Anda dapat membeli untuk memberitahu waktu yang tepat), permainan akan membuka kotak dialog berulang-ulang selamanya sampai Anda reset permainan. Juga, jika Anda menonton berita TV pada hari Jumat tanggal 13, maka tidak akan ada.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Jewel Dari Lokasi Kebenaran
Setelah Anda membeli Rak dari acara Shopping TV, Anda bisa mulai mencari Jewels Kebenaran. Berikut daftar di mana untuk menemukan beberapa dari mereka.
  1. Pada atap rumah anjing Anda
  2. Palung air di kandang kuda Anda
  3. Pembelian dari Won ($ 50.000)
  4. 1000 Perdagangan medali di Race Horse
  5. Periksa tiang lampu antara Gereja dan Rose Plaza
  6. Di lantai kedua perpustakaan, memeriksa kanan tengah-rak yang paling
  7. Mainkan game show Tahun Baru di TV dalam pondok kota
  8. Periksa kalender di pondok gunung (itu jatuh keluar)
  9. Ambil semua delapan dari permata di atas untuk rumah Thomas '; memeriksa kulkas nya
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Harvest Aktifkan Game Dewi Mini
Ketika KANAN menggunakan TV, tekan KANAN,, UP (atau BAWAH), KIRI. Anda memainkan permainan menebak angka. Anda hanya dapat memainkan permainan ini lima pertandingan pertama pada musim semi. Menang banyak Anda mendapatkan, semakin baik hadiah: 

1 menang = Tidak ada 
2 menang = Rumput / Herb 
3-9 menang = Rumput / Herb 
10 - 14 menang = Teh Daun 
15 - 19 menang = Lotion 
20 - 24 menang = Air 
25 - 29 menang = Jaringan 
30 - 39 menang = Parfum 
40 - 49 menang = Dress 
50-59 menang = Golden Login 
60-69 menang = Ikan fosil ($ 5000) 
70-79 menang = Treasure Box ($ 10,000) 
80-89 menang = Kecap Resep 
90-99 menang = Goreng Kentang Resep 
100 menang = Buku
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Resep
Berikut daftar resep (dan bahan): 

Apple Jam - Menggunakan apel pot dan gula 
Grape Jam - Menggunakan pot dan anggur apel 
Salad - Wortel, lobak, selada, tomat, mentimun, dan cuka 
Moon Dumplings - Dumpling bubuk dan susu 
Mayo - kocokan telur dan cuka 
Fries - Minyak, pisau kentang, dan penggorengan 
Rebus Telur - Telur dan pot
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Berteman The Sprite
Mencoba berteman dengan Harvest Sprite? Cara mudah untuk membuat mereka seperti Anda adalah untuk memberi mereka ramuan di pantai dari musim semi ke musim gugur. Mereka berada sangat dekat dengan rumah mereka (di belakang gereja) dan mereka mencintai mereka. Anda akan bermain dengan gnome dan meminta mereka melakukan pekerjaan Anda dalam waktu singkat.Ketika memberikan rumput untuk sprite panen, pastikan untuk mencoba dan warna koordinat (misalnya memberikan rumput sprite biru biru, rumput ungu ungu sprite, dll) ini akan memiliki pengaruh yang jauh lebih besar dalam membangun persahabatan.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Power Berry Mudah
Untuk mendapatkan Power Berry pertama Anda, sampai semua kotak di bidang pertanian Anda. Ini akan muncul di suatu tempat di lapangan.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Pagar Unbreakable
Ketika Anda membersihkan bidang Anda di awal permainan atau setelah badai, bukan menghancurkan batu-batu kecil, tempat mereka di mana Anda inginkan pagar Anda. Mereka melakukan hal yang sama sebagai pagar kayu kecuali bahwa mereka tidak membutuhkan pemeliharaan dan tidak akan pernah putus.Anda juga dapat memotong semua tongkat dan menempatkan mereka ke arah ekstensi.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Mencapai Tingkat 255 di Kedua Pertambangan
Langkah Satu: Saat pertama kali masuk tambang, atau maju ke tingkat yang baru, menyimpan permainan Anda di slot 1. 

Langkah Kedua: Dig sampai Anda menemukan tangga. Ingat tempat itu. 

Langkah Tiga: permainan Load menyelamatkan dari sebelumnya. Pergi ke mana Anda menemukan tangga sebelum menyimpan immediatly dan menggali di sana. Dengan cara ini hanya enegy digunakan adalah 1. 

Langkah Empat: Sebelum menuruni tangga save game di slot 2, jika anda berjalan ke jalan buntu. Aku sudah turun 40 lantai dan tidak menemukan lantai buntu. Tetapi jika Anda tidak ingin menghabiskan energi lebih adil restart dan kembali turun lagi. 

Langkah Lima: Di lantai berikutnya ulangi langkah 1 sampai 4 lagi. Ulangi seperlunya sampai Anda mencapai tingkat 255.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Hukum Uang Mudah
Ketika datang ke Horse Racing, masukkan kuda Anda. Pada hari kompetisi, membawa keranjang anda dan menyimpan permainan sebelum memasuki Square Rose. 

Anda dapat bertaruh pada dua balapan pertama jika Anda inginkan, tetapi Anda tidak perlu. Dalam perlombaan ketiga, bertaruh 99 kali pada kuda Anda dan ketika Anda menang, membeli 39 truffle dan menjualnya hari berikutnya dengan meninggalkan keranjang Anda di alun-alun (tidak akan hilang). Ingat bahwa truffle jauh lebih berharga daripada berlian.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Daftar Resep Giant
  • Apple Pie - Knife, Pot, Rolling Pin, Oven, Gula, Mentega, Tepung, Apple, Telur
  • Apple Souffle - Pan, Apple
  • Dipanggang Jagung - Oven, Garam, Jagung
  • Beras Bambu - Bambu, Ball Beras
  • Mentega - Mixer, Garam, Susu
  • Cake - Knife, Kocok, Oven, Gula, Mentega, Telur, Tepung, Apple, Honey
  • Cheese Cake - Pot, Kocok, Oven, Gula, Telur, Susu, Keju
  • Cheese Fondue - Knife, Pot, Garam, Keju, Wine, Roti
  • Chocolate Cake - Knife, Kocok, Oven, Gula, Mentega, Telur, Tepung, Apple, Honey, Chocolate
  • Chocolate Cookies - Rolling Pin, Oven, Gula, Mentega, Telur, Tepung, Chocolate
  • Cookie - Rolling Pin, Oven, Gula, Mentega, Telur, Tepung
  • Jagung Serpih - Rolling Pin, Oven, Jagung
  • Roti kari - Pan, Roti, Oil, Curry Powder
  • Mie Curry - Pot, Mie, Curry Powder
  • Curry Rice - Knife, Pot, Sugar, Salt, Soy Sauce, Curry Powder, Rice Ball
  • Dinner Peran - Mentega, Roti, Madu
  • Ikan Sticks - Mixer, Salt, Ikan Menengah
  • Prancis Toast - Pan, Gula, Telur, Roti, Minyak
  • Nasi Goreng - Pan, Ball Beras, minyak, telur
  • Juice Buah - Mixer, apel
  • Buah Latte - Mixer, jus buah, susu
  • Grape Juice - Mixer, Grape
  • Greens - Pot, Soy Sauce, Bayam
  • Panggang Ikan - Pan, Salt, Soy Sauce, Minyak, Ikan Menengah
  • Happy Terung - Pan, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Miso, Terong
  • Hot Susu - Pot, Gula, Susu
  • Ice Cream - Knife, Pot, Kocok, Gula, Telur, Apple, Madu, Nanas, Anggur, Susu
  • Jam Bun - Roti, Jam (Apple atau selai Strawberry)
  • Kecap - Mixer, gula, garam, cuka, bawang merah, tomat
  • Miso Soup - Pisau, panci, gula, garam, kecap, miso, dan beberapa sayuran lainnya (bawang)
  • Campuran Juice - Mixer, Juice Buah, Jus Sayuran
  • Campuran Latte - Mixer, Mixed Juice, susu
  • Mie - Knife, Rolling Pin, Pot, Tepung
  • Dadar - Pan, Gula, Garam, Kecap, Minyak, Telur, Susu
  • Dadar Padi - Pan, Minyak, Telur, Susu, Beras Ball
  • Acar Turnip - Knife, Vinegar, Turnip
  • Acar - Garam, Ketimun
  • Nanas Juice - Mixer, Nanas
  • Pizza - Knife, Rolling Pin, Oven, Keju, Tomat, Tepung, Bawang, Kecap, Jamur
  • Popcorn - Pan, garam, jagung
  • Puding - Pot, Oven, Sugar, Chocolate, Susu, Telur
  • Puding Labu - Pot, Oven, Sugar, Labu, susu, telur
  • Labu Stew - Pot, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Labu
  • Kismis Roti - Anggur Wild, Roti
  • Tenang teh Daun - Knife, Pan, Gulma, Rumput Indigo, Rumput Hijau, Rumput Biru, Rumput Oranye, Rumput Merah, Rumput Ungu, Rumput Kuning
  • Teh Relaksasi - Pot, Gula, Daun Teh Relax
  • Sandwich - pisau, roti, tomat
  • Sashimi - Knife, Ikan Menengah
  • Orak-arik Telur - Pan, Garam, Minyak, Telur
  • Strawberry Jam - Pot, gula, strawberry
  • Strawberry Susu - Mixer, gula, strawberry, susu
  • Sushi - Cuka, Rice Ball, Sashimi
  • Tempura - Pan, Telur, Tepung, Minyak
  • Tempura Mie - Pot, Gula, Garam, Kecap, Mie, Tempura
  • Toast - Oven, Roti
  • Tomat Juice - Mixer, Tomat
  • Truffle Rice - Truffle, Rice Ball
  • Vegetable Juice - Mixer, beberapa jenis sayuran (mentimun)
  • Vegetable Latte - Mixer, Sayuran Juice, susu
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Berries Power
Berikan Dewi Panen bunga selama sepuluh hari berturut-turut. Jika Anda melakukannya, ia akan memberi Anda Power Berry.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Daftar Resep
  • Bodigizer - Pot, Honey, Orange, Rumput, Rumput Black, Magic Red, Bunga Merah
  • Buckwheat Chips - Rolling Pin, Pot, Tepung Buckwheat
  • Manisan Kentang - Pot, Kentang Manis, Madu, Gula
  • Cheesecake - Gula, Pot, Kocok, Oven, Susu, Telur, Keju
  • Sushi Chirashi - Cuka, Knife, Sashimi, orak-arik Telur, Balls Rice, Soy Sauce
  • Telur Lebih dari Padi - Pot, Bola Beras, Telur, Garam, Soy Sauce
  • Elli Daun - Gula, Garam, Cuka, Soy Sauce, Miso, Knife, Frying Pan, Oven, Pot, 6 Jenis Makanan Burnt berbeda, XL Bodigizer, Turbojolt XL
  • Mie Goreng - Pan Goreng, Mie, Telur, Minyak, Ikan, Kubis, Wortel, Turnip, Lada Hijau, Jamur, Cake Rice, Truffle, Terung, Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce
  • Mountain Stew - Sugar, Soy Sauce, Knife, Pot, Wortel, Jamur, Tembak Bambu
  • Pancake - Pan Goreng, Mentega, Madu, Telur, Tepung, Minyak, Susu, Kocok, Gula
  • Pancake Kentang - Garam, Pisau, Wajan, Kentang, Bawang,, Minyak Telur, Tepung
  • Bubur beras - Pot, Garam, Rice Balls
  • Salad - Knife, Ketimun, Wortel, Kubis dan / atau Tomat
  • Sandwich - Pisau, Tomat, Roti, Telur rebus Wortel, Honey, Apple, Jamur, Butter, Mayo
  • Gurih Pancake - Frying Pan, Knife, Kubis, Telur, Minyak, Tepung
  • Spring Sun - Magic Merah, Bunga Merah, Magic Blue, Red Flower, Flower Moondrop, Flower Pinkcat, Bunga Toy
  • Aduk Fry - Knife, Frying Pan, Soy Sauce, Minyak Kubis
  • Ubi Jalar - Pot, Oven, Sugar, Ubi Jalar, Telur, Butter
  • Turbojolt - Pot, Madu, Rumput Orange, Rumput Putih, Magic Merah, Bunga Merah
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Race Kuda
Untuk mencoba cheat ini, Anda memerlukan sebuah keranjang. Pada 18 hari kedua musim Semi dan Gugur, akan ada pacuan kuda. Sebelum memasuki alun-alun di mana perlombaan ini, pastikan untuk menyimpan. Kemudian, menonton ras, tetapi tidak bertaruh apapun uang Anda. Ingatlah (atau tulis) pemenang, dan kemudian keluar dan kembali permainan. Bawa keranjang Anda ke ras dan bertaruh pada kuda pemenang dari perlombaan Anda "test". Ikuti bahwa dengan perdagangan medali Anda untuk gelang.Kemudian Anda dapat menjual mereka - ketika Zack datang, dia akan memberi Anda banyak uang untuk mereka.
Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Petunjuk: Hadiah
Gadis-gadis berikut ini menikmati hadiah yang tercantum di bawah.
  • Ann - Truffle Beras, Kue Bulan, Ratu Malam itu
  • Elli -'s Daun Elli, Parfum, Ratu Malam itu
  • Karen - Anggur, French Fries, Pizza
  • Mary - Herbal, Obat, Ratu Malam itu

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